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Free Educational Seminars from February to April 2012
31 Jan 2012

CommSec will be running free educational Options, International Equity and MINIs seminars from February 2012 through to April 2012.

Options seminars

Want to learn what Options are and how to improve your trading strategies?

In this 90 minute workshop, you'll learn about the risk and returns associated with Options trading. We'll run through practical examples on how basic call and put strategies can be used to protect or generate more income from your portfolio.

Register Now and learn about Options with CommSec.

International Equity Seminars

Want to learn what International Equities are and how you can you use them to diversify?

In this 90 minute workshop, you will be presented with an overview of the conditions of the world’s major economies. We will also explore the unique trading opportunities that are available offshore and are not available in the domestic market.

Register Now to start learning about International Equities with CommSec.

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